In Basics the standard Barren Racer one 690 is made up of high quality components like for example the best available dominator rear axle and Roll Design wish bones.
Based on the standard, street legal, Barren Racer one 690 quad, Barren Racing also provides a complete kit to convert your road quad into a competitive Cross Country Rally quad. This extended and high quality add-ons are developed during many years of competing at the highest level of Cross Country Rally Raid. After completion your quad is a reliable ready to race competition quad and can enter every professional Cross Country Rally race at the highest professional level with out any additional adjustment.

Price Barren Racer 1 690 ready to race Dakar version (identical to machine on which Kees Koolen became the 2017 worldchampion cross country rally raid for quads): 145.000 euro excl. VAT, excluding any kind of tax and excluding any transportation costs to a location outside of The Netherlands.

Delivery time Barren Racer 1 690 ready to race Dakar version: 4 months after written purchase order and after the day we received full payment in advance.

360° VIDEO

 Below a 360º video of the Barren Racer Rally Quad, turn around to see all sides.

The main components added or modified to your standard quad will be:

  • KTM rally kevlar navigation tower including control switches at the handle bar
  • KTM 690 rally engine including a heavy clutch, different gas house, a by Barren Racing designed injection system and a gas handle with cables
  • By Barren racing designed cable tree for the rally engine, navigation tower and including a kill switch
  • Rally exhaust system
  • Adjusted airbox so you can mount a standard KTM rally air filter
  • Second fan on the radiator
  • Oil cooler including oil lines and adjustments on the engine to make it work properly
  • High performance super B lithium battery
  • Reiger suspension with full options
  • Special front brake handle
  • Maxxis Dakar tires with kevlar layers
  • Barren Racing nerfbars
  • 2 additional 12 liters side aluminium tanks on the nerfbars including additional fuel pump and switch, petrol lines and kevlar protection plate. With this the quad can take up to 43 liters of petrol
  • 2 storage boxes on nerfbars
  • Rear mud guards
  • Kevlar race seat
  • Bottom kevlar protection plate
  • Kevlar protection plates for front wish bones
  • Kevlar protection plate for rear disk and sprocket
  • Additional protection ring for rear sprocket
  • Rear bracket to lift the quad in case you get stuck